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Wii Black Ops [SC7E52] Gain COD Points for Purchases

Discussion in 'Wii Game Codes' started by Jok3r, May 26, 2011.

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  1. Jok3r

    Jok3r MC-Admin/Summoner Member

    SC7E52 Gain COD Points for Purchases
    When you buy Guns/Perks/Attachments/Lethals/Tacticals/Equipment/Killstreaks IT pays YOU 5 grand each! Enjoy! This will mess with your lifetime earnings remember (If you want legit stats)

    You need to add an activator and activate this after loading Multiplayer or this code will freeze your Wii

    Paid to Buy! {Jok3r}[dns's idea]
    057F3E44 FFFFEC78
    057F4100 FFFFEC78
    057F4164 FFFFEC78
    057F41C8 FFFFEC78
    057F4290 FFFFEC78
    057F42F4 FFFFEC78
    057F4358 FFFFEC78
    057F43BC FFFFEC78
    057F4420 FFFFEC78
    057F4678 FFFFEC78
    057F46DC FFFFEC78
    057F4740 FFFFEC78
    057F47A4 FFFFEC78
    057F4808 FFFFEC78
    057F486C FFFFEC78
    057F48D0 FFFFEC78
    057F4934 FFFFEC78
    057F4998 FFFFEC78
    057F4B28 FFFFEC78
    057F4B8C FFFFEC78
    057F4BF0 FFFFEC78
    057F4D1C FFFFEC78
    057F4D80 FFFFEC78
    057F4DE4 FFFFEC78
    057F4EAC FFFFEC78
    057F4F10 FFFFEC78
    057F4FD8 FFFFEC78
    057F5168 FFFFEC78
    057F51CC FFFFEC78
    057F5230 FFFFEC78
    057F5294 FFFFEC78
    057F5488 FFFFEC78
    057F5550 FFFFEC78
    057F55B4 FFFFEC78
    057F56E0 FFFFEC78
    057F5744 FFFFEC78
    057F57A8 FFFFEC78
    057F580C FFFFEC78
    057F58D4 FFFFEC78
    057F5938 FFFFEC78
    057F599C FFFFEC78
    057F5A00 FFFFEC78
    057F5AC8 FFFFEC78
    057F774C FFFFEC78
    057F77B0 FFFFEC78
    057F7814 FFFFEC78
    057F7878 FFFFEC78
    057F78DC FFFFEC78
    057F7940 FFFFEC78
    057F79A4 FFFFEC78
    057F7A08 FFFFEC78
    057F7A6C FFFFEC78
    057F7AD0 FFFFEC78
    057F7B34 FFFFEC78
    057F7B98 FFFFEC78
    057F7BFC FFFFEC78
    057F7CC4 FFFFEC78
    057F7D28 FFFFEC78
    057F7D8C FFFFEC78
    057F7DF0 FFFFEC78
    057F7E54 FFFFEC78
    057F7EB8 FFFFEC78
    057F7F1C FFFFEC78
    057F7F80 FFFFEC78
    057F7FE4 FFFFEC78
    057F8048 FFFFEC78
    057F80AC FFFFEC78
    057F8110 FFFFEC78
    057F8174 FFFFEC78
    057F887C FFFFEC78
    057F88E0 FFFFEC78
    057F89A8 FFFFEC78
    057F8A70 FFFFEC78
    057F8AD4 FFFFEC78
    057F8B38 FFFFEC78
    057F8C00 FFFFEC78
    057F8C64 FFFFEC78
    057F8CC8 FFFFEC78
    089BE14C FFFFEC78
    20140030 00000000
    089BDB40 FFFFEC78
    20020044 00000000
    089BDC50 FFFFEC78
    20020044 00000000
    089BDD1C FFFFEC78
    20040044 00000000
    089BDF3C FFFFEC78
    20000000 00000000
    089BE0D4 FFFFEC78
    20000000 00000000

  2. Jok3r

    Jok3r MC-Admin/Summoner Member

    Thanks dns for cleaning this up I wont make that noob mistake again!
  3. Sh0tGuN2197

    Sh0tGuN2197 *Shotty* Super-Mod

    A lot of these gun values have been made by many people. Look into that. There's lord, ropers, Sh0tGuN2197, and Pro Cam that I know of.

    EDIT: Alot of gun addresses* sorry [xat]redface[/xat]
  4. Wiqkszon

    Wiqkszon New Member Member

    How can add an activator??
  5. Jok3r

    Jok3r MC-Admin/Summoner Member

    Omg Im so sorry I didnt see your post "Wigkszon"
    Just use 28200FA0 for Wiimote
    and 28200EE0 for CCP and for the last 8 digits use 0000XXXX
    X's= button value!
    go here for buttons
  6. savage

    savage Junior Member Member

    28200FA0 for CCP and 28200EE0 for wiimote ... at least thats the way i use em
  7. Iceman

    Iceman New Member Member

    Nice code. :)
  8. Iceman

    Iceman New Member Member

    Good code man. :)
  9. dns

    dns Active Member Admin

    [SC7E52] Cod Points Millionaire

    Here Jok3r, I made them an altered version and added the activator for them...

    Anyone repping +1 for this code, please give the rep to jok3r for his original post of it. I only suggested the code and then modded it, I am not claiming it is mine.

    "When you "buy" Guns/Perks/Attachments/Lethals/Tacticals/Equipment/Killstreaks IT pays YOU 1 million Cod Points. Enjoy being a millionaire!"

    This version made for use with Wiimote. Home button activates code. Activate it AFTER loading multiplayer.

    [SC7E52] Cod Points Millionaire! [jok3r/dns]
    28200FA0 00008000
    057F3E44 FFF0BDC0
    057F4100 FFF0BDC0
    057F4164 FFF0BDC0
    057F41C8 FFF0BDC0
    057F4290 FFF0BDC0
    057F42F4 FFF0BDC0
    057F4358 FFF0BDC0
    057F43BC FFF0BDC0
    057F4420 FFF0BDC0
    057F4678 FFF0BDC0
    057F46DC FFF0BDC0
    057F4740 FFF0BDC0
    057F47A4 FFF0BDC0
    057F4808 FFF0BDC0
    057F486C FFF0BDC0
    057F48D0 FFF0BDC0
    057F4934 FFF0BDC0
    057F4998 FFF0BDC0
    057F4B28 FFF0BDC0
    057F4B8C FFF0BDC0
    057F4BF0 FFF0BDC0
    057F4D1C FFF0BDC0
    057F4D80 FFF0BDC0
    057F4DE4 FFF0BDC0
    057F4EAC FFF0BDC0
    057F4F10 FFF0BDC0
    057F4FD8 FFF0BDC0
    057F5168 FFF0BDC0
    057F51CC FFF0BDC0
    057F5230 FFF0BDC0
    057F5294 FFF0BDC0
    057F5488 FFF0BDC0
    057F5550 FFF0BDC0
    057F55B4 FFF0BDC0
    057F56E0 FFF0BDC0
    057F5744 FFF0BDC0
    057F57A8 FFF0BDC0
    057F580C FFF0BDC0
    057F58D4 FFF0BDC0
    057F5938 FFF0BDC0
    057F599C FFF0BDC0
    057F5A00 FFF0BDC0
    057F5AC8 FFF0BDC0
    057F774C FFF0BDC0
    057F77B0 FFF0BDC0
    057F7814 FFF0BDC0
    057F7878 FFF0BDC0
    057F78DC FFF0BDC0
    057F7940 FFF0BDC0
    057F79A4 FFF0BDC0
    057F7A08 FFF0BDC0
    057F7A6C FFF0BDC0
    057F7AD0 FFF0BDC0
    057F7B34 FFF0BDC0
    057F7B98 FFF0BDC0
    057F7BFC FFF0BDC0
    057F7CC4 FFF0BDC0
    057F7D28 FFF0BDC0
    057F7D8C FFF0BDC0
    057F7DF0 FFF0BDC0
    057F7E54 FFF0BDC0
    057F7EB8 FFF0BDC0
    057F7F1C FFF0BDC0
    057F7F80 FFF0BDC0
    057F7FE4 FFF0BDC0
    057F8048 FFF0BDC0
    057F80AC FFF0BDC0
    057F8110 FFF0BDC0
    057F8174 FFF0BDC0
    057F887C FFF0BDC0
    057F88E0 FFF0BDC0
    057F89A8 FFF0BDC0
    057F8A70 FFF0BDC0
    057F8AD4 FFF0BDC0
    057F8B38 FFF0BDC0
    057F8C00 FFF0BDC0
    057F8C64 FFF0BDC0
    057F8CC8 FFF0BDC0
    089BE14C FFF0BDC0
    20140030 00000000
    089BDB40 FFF0BDC0
    20020044 00000000
    089BDC50 FFF0BDC0
    20020044 00000000
    089BDD1C FFF0BDC0
    20040044 00000000
    089BDF3C FFF0BDC0
    20000000 00000000
    089BE0D4 FFF0BDC0
    20000000 00000000
    E0000000 80008000
    Wiimote only, Use Home to activate after loading multiplayer

    Anyone needing help or assistance using this or making it work with CCP, please PM me or jok3r, or post the question in this thread.
  10. Brandon

    Brandon Programmer Moderator

    Thanks :) Rep added joker has a higher rep than me now xD
  11. That One Guy

    That One Guy Junior Member Member

    You should give correct credit and add the other peoples names to the credit of the code. ;) You can keep yours, just add the others. :)
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