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What’s a proxy? How to apply proxy settings in any Browser

Discussion in 'PC General' started by vettacossx-alpha, May 20, 2011.

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  1. vettacossx-alpha

    vettacossx-alpha Midnight Mage Member


    (Via TKDOUD and co. Request a simplified explanation of "Proxy")

    Many a times you must have wondered how to apply proxy settings in a browser and what exactly it does. Think of a proxy as a special tunnel to the web. When you apply a proxy to your browser, it directs http or web traffic coming from your machine to a proxy server. This proxy server will use firewalls and gateways to keep the link secure and ensure the data doesn’t carry viruses and other malicious software. There are two different ways to enforce a proxy:

    1. Manual proxy configuration: A manual proxy configuration involves specifying the proxy server within the network and on which port this traffic should flow. For instance I can specify the hostname or IP of the server and then 8080. This means that ALL web requests coming from my machine will go straight to this server.

    2. Automatic Configuration Script: This is where you can use the magical proxy.pac file. A proxy.pac file is of more use within an organization where there will be several subnets and external gateways. This proxy.pac file will list conditions for different subnets and where traffic should be routed. For instance any traffic from 10.2.x.x will go to server A and traffic from 10.4.x.x will go to server B. This is great when you want everyone to use one proxy.pac file but account for users in all locations.

    Don’t forget the ultimate benefit of proxies are they hide your actual location. So on web or IP locators your proxy server will show and mask your details!​
  2. Nuke547

    Nuke547 Junior Member Member

    These are useful when you get banned from other sites...
Thread Status:
This thread is more than 180 days old.

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