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WGS: Now Designed For A Better Farm

Discussion in 'Computer Gaming' started by vettacossx-alpha, May 14, 2011.

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  1. vettacossx-alpha

    vettacossx-alpha Midnight Mage Member

    Why did they lower the Graveyards / Rez points in WSG? – I am yet to see how this benefits either side in anyway, it is just making it easier for the opposition to farm.

    One of my pet hates in BG’s is farming, if you are in a position to farm then well you have already won the battle, and now your just torturing players.

    The position of the Graveyards now, halfway down the walls from where they used to be prior to Patch 4.1 means you can’t escape from a GY farm in WSG

    If you control the position my hunter is standing in the pic below, you control the whole entire GY. Before, when it used to be up top, you could avoid it, by running alone the edge of the fence on the top, and jump down over the tunnel entrance, running off to the far side and sneaking down, or even running down the ramp. You had a better chance of getting away.

    Now the area you have to ‘defend’ to farm is much smaller, and there is no way to get away from a farm.
    In addition

    Pets of what seems to be all the pet classes can get up there, Warriors with charge, Rogues can shadow step?, Druids can pounce, ( have I missed any class?) and once they are up there in the enemy graveyard, they can pick off the rezers as they rez in 2′s or threes which means it gets harder to launch a real defense.

    I can’t imagine this was the Pvp that Blizz had in mind when they decided to make that change, and the only reason I can think of was to reduce potential fall damage from jumping off the GY ( hit the slant on the rock and didn’t take any)
    I’ve been playing my hunter a little more and gearing her up for Pvp . The 4.1 Hunter changes gave her a bit of a damage boost, and and I am in love with her helm from the ilevel 352 Bloodthirsty gladiators gear.

    “Do what you want, ‘cause a pirate is free,

    I shall not get into the practicality of a permanent eyepatch on a hunter. ( but it still looks pretty cool)
    She also managed to find the prettiest spider in all of Azeroth from Darkshire. Everyone else seems to have Ugly black and brown spiders, and the first one I found when looking for a spider was the girliest / sigh – but me and Zip have grown attached to Squeeky ( yes that was deliberate ) I picked up a nasty habit of using the term “Squee” and it seemed to fit.
  2. dns

    dns Active Member Admin

    I have no idea what game this is or what you're talking about vetta but it seems interesting. Could you elaborate?
  3. vettacossx-alpha

    vettacossx-alpha Midnight Mage Member

    thats some crap from blizzards website they make warcraft and all that crap

    (idunno i dont do warcraft i play PsHome where even less happens.. i just share the news bro lol)
Thread Status:
This thread is more than 180 days old.

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