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Website Visitor Counter & Analyzer []

Discussion in 'PC General' started by Crazy52, Aug 11, 2011.

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  1. Crazy52

    Crazy52 Gate Keeper Admin

    [​IMG] allows you to:
    • Privately and securely monitor your website(s) traffic 24x7
    - No advertisements are placed on your website(s)!
    • Track multiple websites with one secure account in real time!
    • Monitor each individual website visitor
    • Trace the real source of your website traffic
    • See the number of current online visitors browsing your website(s) in real time
    • Bookmark, tag and assign full contact info to individual visitors
    • Track and control individual links on your website
    • Control public access to individual pages
    • Add additional authorized users to your account with full or limited access
    • Keep all your personal and business website visitor traffic records private. Your advanced visitors' statistics and your email address are never shared with anyone. Not even advertisers. That's the difference makes.

    Access the following information:
    • Accurate Real-Time website visitors' clicks statistics
    • Hourly, daily, yearly & last 24-hour traffic statistics charts
    • Search engine localization analysis & website traffic flow ratios
    • Keywords visitors use to find your website(s)
    • Date & time of each individual page view
    • Visitors activity and visit frequency statistics
    • Visitors' geographical location information on country, state & city levels
    • Visitors' operating system, screen resolution, language usage, flash versions, cookie support, etc.
    • Visitors' browser name & version
    • Individual visitor's clicks and IP address statistics
    • Unique individual & returning website visitor statistics
    • External link analysis to see what links bring you most of the traffic
    • Most popular pages on your website analysis with click counts for individual web page
    • Primary entry and exit pages
    • SSL page statistics
    • SEO duplicate title stats

    Easy to use tracking system features:
    • Easy 20-second setup for each new website. No waiting.
    • No experience or special training needed to understand your website visitor stats
    • Statistics system doesn't affect the way your website works
    • Realtime visitor traffic statistics analysis and mapping
    • Individual page or secure webstore product hits tracking
    • Email and print campaigns localization reports
    • Secure SSL (HTTPS) eCommerce online store statistics reports
    • Support for wide range of websites, blogs, forums, personal web pages, eCommerce web stores, professional corporate and other web based establishments that support Javascript or HTML.
    • Support for HTML only content management systems that do not allow usage of the javascript.
    • Invisible tracker mode - can be enabled under each project's settings for Level 2+ subscriptions.


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Thread Status:
This thread is more than 180 days old.

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