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Virtual Drugs Acid Trip: Program Download Included!

Discussion in 'Forum Chatter' started by vettacossx-alpha, May 14, 2011.

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  1. vettacossx-alpha

    vettacossx-alpha Midnight Mage Member

    Best tip : if you...

    Stare at the center until the "circle shape in the middle is no longer noticeable" (try not to blur your eyes and pay attention) then count to 30 and

    look away and it will work that quickly for most people and explanation of how this happens is below with app download enjoy!"

    This way you know your concentrating enough on the center! so it should work and prob blow your mind LOL

    View Video In Full Size Stare Closely At The Center... Relax & Zone out on it...

    Relax your eyes best you can and Stare blankly at the center ...

    look away when instructed to see the world around you begin to melt and warp without ANY FUCKING SHRRoOMS! lol


    Another LESS EFFECTIVE but MUCH more entertaining one LOL



    (333 Kb)
    A collection of trippy applications designed to tingle the senses and numb the brain. Features Pinwheel & LSDspiral - spinning spiral acid simulators, Acid Warp - a psychedelic pattern morpher, Puddle Tripper - turns your desktop into a virtual puddle, Particle Toy - generates patterns of fire-trailing particles, and Flasher & Sassy and brainwave Stimulators. File is zipped.

  2. SKA!!

    SKA!! Reality Hacker Member

    Very nice. I think I've seen this before. It's really entertaining lol
Thread Status:
This thread is more than 180 days old.

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