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[SC7E52] Black Ops Models

Discussion in 'Wii Game Mods' started by wick3d, Jul 4, 2011.

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  1. wick3d

    wick3d z0rz Admin

    So im starting this thread for you modders who like to toy with the "usable" models in this game. whether it be chaning your own model or planting various models around specific maps for custom gametypes (like Jelly Injector's Hide and Seek gametype). Here are the models various people and myself have found. Please feel free to comment or add posts with new models you have found and i will add to the list :)

    1) mp_supplydrop_ally - Care Package
    2) prop_suitcase_bomb - Suitcase
    3) t5_weapon_sam_turret_red - Red SAM Turret model
    4) t5_veh_jet_f4_gearup_mp - Napalm Plane
    5) german_shepherd_black - Black Dog
    6) german_shepard - Dog
    7) t5_veh_rcbomb_allies - RC-XD Car
    8) mp_flag_neutral - Flag
    9) vehicle_ch46e_mp - Supply Helicopter
  2. Nuke547

    Nuke547 Junior Member Member

    Nice, I was looking for some of these. My friend was asking about them also. Nice post!
  3. wick3d

    wick3d z0rz Admin

    No prob dude, I've been trying to find the damn jeep models forever, i found a few that i thought would work but they didnt. If anyone finds these i'd appreciate the dvar names
  4. Jok3r

    Jok3r MC-Admin/Summoner Member

    Nice, Wick3d you da man!
    I think for all modders the next step is making there own bots!
    Or like switching players and control someone else!!!
    If this is possible I'd love to see it happen!
  5. wick3d

    wick3d z0rz Admin

    I'll make a new topic for bots. 8-)
  6. Sh0tGuN2197

    Sh0tGuN2197 *Shotty* Super-Mod

    These are great wicked! :D I have been looking for a couple of these too. I'll look around for the jeep. I think I have had it at one point. If I get it I'll let I know
  7. rosey

    rosey New Member Member


    dude i cant wait to use these models8-) nice job man
  8. mrownership

    mrownership New Member Member

    Zombie Models

    Nice, i been working on zombie models also. I can turn myself into a teddy bear, monkey bomb, any powerup and any player
  9. wick3d

    wick3d z0rz Admin

    Please post the dvar names. Ill start a sep list [XAT]cool[/XAT]
  10. mrownership

    mrownership New Member Member

    these are the ones that i have found

    im gonna see if i can find the gun,zombie, and dog models so i can turn myself into any one of those, that would be cool.
  11. American

    American Little. Lovable. Lolis!! Admin

    i spent hours digging in the files and have every model made for bop in a neat orderly list.
    zombies and normal wifi 8-)

    but sadly i dont think i wanna release it yet because i have some ideas of my own that i dont want people stealing xD also considering my nazi zombie controllable dog sorta tells you i found the dog model <.<
Thread Status:
This thread is more than 180 days old.

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