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My SpamBot! Jok3r*

Discussion in 'Developer General' started by Jok3r, Jul 14, 2011.

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  1. Jok3r

    Jok3r MC-Admin/Summoner Member

    I love spamming people in Private chats! So if you like spamming people check this out!
    But dont spam me... [xat]redface[/xat]
    This video shows you exactly what you need to do to make it work...
    and if you dont get it!
    1.) Open SpamBot Program
    2.) Put increment speed in (1=fastest, 2=Slower, Decimal numbers not accepted)
    3.) Put Message in for spam
    4.) Click Start Spam, and when done...
    5.) Click Stop Spam
    Rep +1 if you like this!:killzone:
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  2. dns

    dns Active Member Admin

    Screenshots and more details plz. :/
  3. That One Guy

    That One Guy Junior Member Member

    Seems pretty cool. I might just look into it myself and see how good it really is. And like dns said, screenshotz please... xD
  4. Jok3r

    Jok3r MC-Admin/Summoner Member

    There guys, I made a vid for it, well for you!
    Lemme know Kyle what you think of my program!
  5. Shinigami

    Shinigami Active Member Member

    I was going to iqnore this due to the fact that I can flood/ spam pretty good but that 100 speed was pretty fast

    Is there a limit?

    +1 thanks
    thats right Kyle I took the time to say thanks instead of REP [xat]wary[/xat]
  6. 3nvisi0n

    3nvisi0n The R3v0lu710n Super-Mod

    Just remember Xat doesn't let you send more than 1 message a second, when you do it sends on YOUR SCREEN but not to anyone else.
    EDIT: and sending the same message twice or more only gets shown once.
  7. dns

    dns Active Member Admin

    Jok3r it would be faster if you made it randomize the amount of text each time, held it as a string, and then sent that entire string at once before sending each time. The way you have it, it has to sendtext each bit at a time, do it all at once and send the entire string and watch the difference.
  8. That One Guy

    That One Guy Junior Member Member

    No no, it's too hard to type 3 more letters instead of just 3 letters like REP. ;)
  9. Jok3r

    Jok3r MC-Admin/Summoner Member

    Please Kyle and Shinigami! Shutup about the damn REP/THANKS thing its pointless...
    and dns Ill see what I can do! :thumbsup:
  10. Roper

    Roper Wii Coder Moderator Member

    link not working and good job.
  11. Jok3r

    Jok3r MC-Admin/Summoner Member

    Oh snap ur right Ropers it has been deleted!
    Ill have to find it somewhere on my computer and reupload
    Sorry dude!
  12. Roper

    Roper Wii Coder Moderator Member

    no problam ..................................
  13. aazcod

    aazcod Dns is gey Member

    nice spam bot

    ok i changed it @shotgun sorry
  14. Sh0tGuN2197

    Sh0tGuN2197 *Shotty* Super-Mod

    His server is cracked. This is stuff to be dealt with in Private Messages. Please refrain from posting off topic posts next time.
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This thread is more than 180 days old.

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