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My first salvia trip

Discussion in 'Forum Chatter' started by SKA!!, May 14, 2011.

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  1. SKA!!

    SKA!! Reality Hacker Member

    Why not kick off this subsection with one of the greatest experiences ive ever had.

    The first time I tripped salvia was with my friend, TJ. He was in town for the week and decided he needed a new peace so we went down to the local head shop and he bought himself a bubbler and i noticed they were selling salvia. All I had was 30 dollars at the time so i bought some 20x salvia because I had always wanted to try it. we went back to my house and packed the salvia on top of weed in his new bubbler. We went outside and sat on my hammack. He, being a pussy, was scared to go first so i got greens.

    I torched the shit out of it, as your supposed to with salvia, and held it in for about 25 seconds. I didn't really feel much for the first few seconds but then i realized everything around me was somehow different. I blew out the smoke and my trip started getting crazy. I was facing my house and all I remember was it seemed like the wall to my house was coming up and revealing something beneath my house. I went down there and I was in what seemed like a really strange carnival type thing. I was on a merry-go-round and could hear circus music. All this time i felt a strange tingling feeling all over my body like after one of your limbs is asleep and your starting to get the feeling back to it. At this point my friend asked me if I felt anything and slowly the circus started disappearing until I was back in the hammack. Everything still looked really strange though. As if everything were two dimensional. This all slowly went away and I started laughing hysterically for no reason. after about 15 minutes of the two dimensional stage I was pretty much sober. The whole thing lasted about 20 to 25 minutes. TJ said the entire time I just sat in the hammack and looked around at everything but never said a word.

    It was a great experience and since then I really enjoy smoking salvia. ive only had one bad trip on it but ill go into that later.
  2. MLT

    MLT Guest

    You should use a gravity bong if you're doing Salvia. It works a lot better.
  3. SKA!!

    SKA!! Reality Hacker Member

    It was all we had at the time. I normally use a bong when I smoke it now.
Thread Status:
This thread is more than 180 days old.

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