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[Tutorial] Minecraft Skin[multiplayer][cracked]

Discussion in 'Skins & Texture Packs' started by Vortex, May 20, 2012.

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  1. Vortex

    Vortex xZeruda Member

    Hello everyone.
    Well , lately i have been researching on how to use a custom skin that other people can see on minecraft multiplayer.
    What i found was this :

    It's called minecrack , what this basically does it add a skin to YOUR player in the game , other people will be able to see it and you will see others with the skin they use(Not like the "replace mobs.png one".So , how to do it? it is very simple , just follow this steps :

    1. Register at

    2.Login with your new account

    3.Download the class files by clicking here

    4.Open the rar file you just downloaded , you will have a list of class files.Select all of them.

    5. in your computer search bar , type %appdata% and click enter.

    6.Open .minecraft ---> bin

    7.Right click minecraft.jar and select "open with Win-rar"

    8.Select all the class files you downloaded and paste them in the minecraft.jar


    *You are almost done,we will now do the fun steps*

    9.Go to and download the skin you want

    10.when you login to , go to profile --->Upload skin

    11.Select the skin you downloaded from and click upload.

    12.Go to minecraft , you will now see your player with the skin you downloaded.Other players will be able to see you with the new skin.

    I hope this was useful!


    -Kind Regards

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  2. Brandon

    Brandon Programmer Moderator

    It was useful thank you Vortex +1 <3
  3. aazcod

    aazcod Dns is gey Member

    mineshafter=wayyyy better ;)
    Brandon likes this.
  4. Brandon

    Brandon Programmer Moderator

    just get me something everyone can see...
  5. aazcod

    aazcod Dns is gey Member ;) buy an account :D
  6. dns

    dns Active Member Admin

    Thought you were leaving NH aaz?
  7. That One Guy

    That One Guy Junior Member Member

    This is pretty cool. +1 like :] I won't use it though because I have a real account, but this is very helpful.
  8. Hellsgone

    Hellsgone New Member Member

    SWEET! I just got a free Minecraft card code at *removed*

  9. aazcod

    aazcod Dns is gey Member

    NO i hate people that spam shit like this......
  10. Amr

    Amr New Member Member

    Are those class files for Minecraft 1.5.2???
    Because when i open Minecraft i only got a black screen
  11. aazcod

    aazcod Dns is gey Member

    They most likely didn't update to 1.6.2 yet. They might never, or they will soon who knows.
  12. Amr

    Amr New Member Member

    Never mind i just found the correct class files for my minecraft version ::smile::
    btw they update it to 1.6.2
  13. thecoolcrafter15

    thecoolcrafter15 New Member Member

    Can premium users see the skin?
  14. aazcod

    aazcod Dns is gey Member

    With this mod, I believe no. Only other people with the mod can see it. You can also only play on cracked servers if you don't own a minecraft account. Most cracked servers don't have many premium players either so I hope this answers your question.
  15. Amy

    Amy New Member Member

    What If You Dont Have The Minecraft.jar?
  16. aazcod

    aazcod Dns is gey Member

    This won't work with the new minecraft versions, you will need to find a 1.7.4 cracked launcher. If I find one I'll PM you or make a thread.
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This thread is more than 180 days old.

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