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John Smith

Discussion in 'Skins & Texture Packs' started by apbritt, Aug 27, 2011.

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  1. apbritt

    apbritt New Member Member

    I found this Texture pack while on the minecraft forums it is medieval and it has some awesome artwork. remember some things arent skinned so be patient this is a a WIP and by no means do I own nor did i create this texturepack. For more info go on youtube and search John Smith texture pack
    NOTE: You need to install this with mcpatcher


  2. dns

    dns Active Member Admin

    You could at least link to the page for it and give a quick description lol
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  3. Sh0tGuN2197

    Sh0tGuN2197 *Shotty* Super-Mod

    Dns... You should know about it. You suggested it to me. Lol

    Just read the readme inside the zip file. It tells u what u need to know.
  4. Crazy52

    Crazy52 Gate Keeper Admin

    he means adding it to the post for other users
  5. apbritt

    apbritt New Member Member


  6. Sh0tGuN2197

    Sh0tGuN2197 *Shotty* Super-Mod

    Oh, ok. Btw, you double posted. Fixed it.
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  7. Jok3r

    Jok3r MC-Admin/Summoner Member

    LoL, I like how Crazy thanked Shotgun for telling him to fix his double post, but Im wondering...
    was it a legit thanks or was it like, Thanks dick!
  8. Sh0tGuN2197

    Sh0tGuN2197 *Shotty* Super-Mod

    Lol. I'm pretty sure it was a legit thanks since a "Thanks Dick!" woul be more of a post than an actualy thanks on the forums.
  9. dns

    dns Active Member Admin

    LoL thank you for fixing the original post, apbritt, and yes everyone I meant for him to make the post better for other users. I already have and use that texture pack and besides the HD pack i've found, it is the nicest one.
  10. That One Guy

    That One Guy Junior Member Member

    lmfao. "Thanks Dick!" Why would he give a like then? lol
Thread Status:
This thread is more than 180 days old.

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