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Inventory Tweaks

Discussion in 'Hacks & Mods' started by Crazy52, Aug 30, 2011.

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  1. Crazy52

    Crazy52 Gate Keeper Admin


    This client mod for Minecraft allows you to easily manage your inventory. It works out of the box, and will make you gain a massive amount of time!

    • It automatically replaces your tools as they break, and item stacks once emptied
    • It sorts your inventory and your chests in a single click/keystroke
    • It allows you to customize entirely the way your inventory is sorted, thanks to intuitive configuration files
    • It works in both single player and multiplayer




    Full documentation: Most information is included in the zip, just refer to the README. You can also find a complete documentation on the official Inventory Tweaks page.

    About mod compatibility: Inventory Tweaks should work with most mods (including Too Many Items, Convenient inventory, MyCraft Mod Manager...), thanks to the use of ModLoader.
    MCExtended: Since smith_61 changed all IDs for his mod, you will get some error messages, unless you replace the InvTweaksTree.xml file with this one. Credits go to azureflamecloud!
    Craftbukkit: The /i command can lead to some glitches.


    DIrect #1
    Mirror #1

    Important: This mod needs ModLoader to work.

    | INVENTORY TWEAKS Mod - By Jimeo Wan (jimeo.wan at |
    | Changelog |

    [08.XX.2011] 1.31 (B1.7.3)
    * Added shortcuts to switch between sorting configurations (0-9 + Sort)
    * Up/Down shortcuts now work with the Forward/Backward keys
    * Fixed the move all/drop shortcuts not working
    * Fixed a freeze when sorting maps
    * Fixed a freeze when using a shortcut while holding an item

    [08.16.2011] 1.30 (B1.7.3)
    * Added various shortcuts to move/drop/craft items
    * The mod has been tested and tweaked for the Aether mod
    * Tools are now also sorted by damage in SMP
    * Sorting now moves all items from the crafting table to the inventory
    * Sorting now equips the best armor available in the inventory
    * The "stuff" rule now also matches unknown mod items
    * Changed back the item tree extension to .txt
    * Better reloading behavior with multiple configurations
    * Rectangle rules can now use the 'r' modifier
    * Huge refactoring of the mod's code, to release a library for modders someday

    |== 1.2X ======================================================|

    [08.01.2011] 1.22 (B1.7.3)
    * Really fixed the bug making a lot of keywords not work
    * Middle click is now automatically disabled when Convenient Inventory's is on
    * Fixed a performance issue introduced in 1.21

    [07.30.2011] 1.21 (B1.7.3)
    * Fixed the bug making a lot of keywords not work
    * Added support for multiple configurations

    [07.27.2011] 1.20 (B1.7.3)
    * Fixed the columns rule being reversed
    * Moved the configuration files to the "config" folder
    * The tree file is now in XML for easier editing
    * Autoreplace and sorting now trigger a sound
    * Made picked up items go directly in the slot defined for sorting
    * Added a special settings menu to inventories
    Added an option to hide chest buttons
    Added an option instead of the "DISABLEMIDDLECLICK" rule
    Added an option to disable sorting of picked up items
    Added a link to edit both configuration files
    Added a link to the mod's documentation
    * Set up InvTweaks.cfg to store all previous properties
    * Soud can also be disabled in InvTweaks.cfg
    * Added a new special rule "FROZEN"
    * Fixed a bug regarding autoreplace customization
    * Better error handling

    |== 1.1X ======================================================|

    [07.21.2011] 1.11 (B1.7.3)
    * Middle click now works on chests (doesn't crash anymore)
    * Middle clicking several times swaps between the sorting methods
    * Fixed a crash when sorting an empty chest
    * Added a timeout in SMP, to avoid game freezes while sorting
    * Tweaked a bit the intelligent chest sorting

    [07.20.2011] 1.10b (B1.7.3)
    * Fixed a crash when sorting the inventory with an open chest on SMP

    [07.20.2011] 1.10 (B1.7.3)
    * Added three buttons on chests and dispensers to sort them
    * Added some missing items to item tree
    * Fixed a bug involving rectangle rules
    * Eaten mushroom soups now always leave the hotbar on autoreplace
    * Added German and French readmes

    |== 1.0X ======================================================|

    [07.02.2011] 1.07 (B1.7.2)
    * Holding the sort key is no more needed to hot-reload
    * Fixed eating mushroom soups not triggering autoreplace
    * Fixed least damaged tools being selected first again
    * Rule priorities adjustment

    [07.02.2011] 1.06 (B1.7.2)
    * Updated to 1.7.2

    [06.19.2011] 1.06 (B1.6.6)
    * Fixed a few things broken by the 1.05 update
    * Fixed autoreplace not working with signs
    * Fixed bugs where items end in wrong slots or swap on each sorting
    * Minor item tree update

    [06.13.2011] 1.05 (B1.6.6)
    * Enhanced keyword tree possibilities
    Categories defined by ID ranges
    Items defined by both ID and "damage value"
    * Improved guessing for wrong keywords
    * Fixed sorting triggered while chatting or creating signs
    * Fixed sorting sometimes leaving an item under the cursor in SMP
    * Fixed shift + click on the hotbar triggering autoreplace
    * Fixed autoreplace ignoring wool colors, sapling types, etc.
    * Fixed the item tree not handling correctly duplicate items
    * Fixed rules priorities problem

    [06.04.2011] 1.04b (B1.6.6)
    * Adjusted rules priorities
    * Minor item tree fix

    [06.04.2011] 1.04 (B1.6.6)
    * The mod can now be installed through the mods folder
    Now really compatible with MyCraft
    * Autoreplace now selects the smallest stack first
    * Fixed freeze when sorting several tools of same ID in SMP
    * Added DEBUG rule to enable verbose logging

    [06.02.2011] 1.03 (B1.6.6)
    * Made the mod compatible with MyCraft Mod Manager
    * Added rectangle rules
    * The middle click will sort your inventory (can be disabled)
    * Fixed occasional ghost items caused by autoreplace in SMP
    * Fixed sorting not working while chests/crafting tables are open in SMP
    * Added map, trapdoors and dead shrubs to the item tree
    * Various minor changes/fixes to the item tree

    [05.30.2011] 1.02 (B1.6.6)
    * Most damaged tools are now selected first
    * Fixed item duplication bug
    * Fixed bug concerning upper case item names

    [05.30.2011] 1.01b (B1.6.5)
    * Default configuration was missing in the zip

    [05.29.2011] 1.01 (B1.6.5)
    * The sort button can now be configured again
    * Autoreplace now works most of the time in SMP

    [05.28.2011] 1.0 (B1.6.4)
    * Updated to 1.6.4
    * Changed default key from E to R

    [05.27.2011] 1.0 (B1.5_01)
    * Multiplayer support
    * Added autoreplace configuration
    * Added short delay before autoreplace
    * Fixed sorting sometimes not being perfect in one stroke
    * Fixed wool of different colors (and others) merging together
    * Minor item tree changes

    [05.16.2011] 1.0 Beta2 (B1.5_01)
    * Various bug fixes
    * Item tree fixes
    * Various improvements

    [05.15.2011] 1.0 Beta (B1.5_01)
    * Configurable sorting shortcut
    * Automatic item replacement
    * Customizable sorting rules
    By column
    By row
    By tile
    Reversed rules
    Exclusion rules
    * Customizable item tree
    * Hot configuration reload

  2. dns

    dns Active Member Admin

    Has anyone tested this on our server to see if it works properly with our configuration yet?
  3. Crazy52

    Crazy52 Gate Keeper Admin

    it works fine.

    i use it a lot
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