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Discussion in 'Wii System Mods & Software' started by vettacossx-alpha, May 24, 2011.

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  1. vettacossx-alpha

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    We do not take responsibility for any damage you do to your Wii using this method. So PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A NAND BACKUP for use with BootMii incase anything bad happens. You can then undo the damage that is done and leave everything the way it is.

    NOTE: You need to be on version 3.2, 4.0 or 4.1 to use this, if you attempt this on any other firmware, you will brick your Wii and have to use your NAND Backup to restore.

    1. Bootmii installed as Boot2
    2. HBC
    3. NUSDownloader
    4. Any mym file (Can be located here)
    5. MyMenuify **Homebrew application**
    6. My Menu
    7. Wad Packer/Unpacker
    8. Microsoft Forms 2.01 (Google it)
    9. Latest .NET Framwork (Google it)

    This is fairly simple process, and should be completed in a matter of minutes.

    First off, we're going to want to have a nice NAND Backup if anything goes wrong, this is where BootMii comes in. Boot the Wii and head into the bootmii menu. Head into the settings menu (The Gear image) and press on the image with the green arrow. I would recommend having a fresh formatted SD card for this step, although it is not required. Follow the onscreen instructions, and just wait for it to finish. It is normal to have up to 100 bad blocks, so don't worry about those as you're making the backup.

    Once you've done that, put MyMenuify on your SD card in the apps folder. On the root of the SD card, create a folder called "Themes"

    Open NUSD on your computer. In the first box, type in 0000000100000002.

    In the second box, input:
    288 if you have 3.2 NTSC-J
    289 if you have 3.2 NTSC-U
    290 if you have 3.2 PAL
    416 if you have 4.0 NTSC-J
    417 if you have 4.0 NTSC-U
    418 if you have 4.0 PAL
    449 if you have 4.1 NTSC-U

    Make sure you check off Pack -> WAD before you begin the download.

    Once the download is complete there should be a folder 0000000100000002vXXX. Open it and you should see a WAD file. Place the wad in the same folder as your WADUnpacker.bat, rename it to in.wad and run the .bat file. Follow the instructions to unpack the WAD.

    Once unpacked, remove the file and move it onto your desktop. Here is where you need an mym file. Go to: Mym Repository - WADder Wiki and download any theme you wish, 4.0 themes work for 4.1 as well. Download anyone you want, as long as it's compatible with your firmware.

    Install MyMenu. Browse for your source file, the source file is After that's selected browse for your mym file. Once selected, click "Create MyMenu!". Save the csm file in the "Themes" folder on the root of your SD card. And insert the SD card in your Wii.

    Launch MyMenuify, browse your SD card and find the theme file you've just created. Install it, and reboot.

    Congrats, you've installed a Custom System Menu theme. Simply reboot and admire how great of a job you did.

    If all went wrong and your Wii Menu does not load, do not be afraid, restore your NAND through BootMii or priiloader or starfall/patch ect and everything will revert back to normal, and you can try again if need be.



    MyMenuify Wii Channel On My Own Console

    nus downloader:


    ThemeMii is a manager for Wii Themes.
    The .NET Framework 2.0 is required to run this application!

    It's currently able to:

    Load mym files and edit them
    Create new mym files
    Create a csm from any mym
    Create a mym from a csm
    Browse through base app's for path's (including TPL preview)
    Download base app's from NUS
    Automatically manage source's and image width and height

    my menu 1.3


    wad packer and unpacker

    Some Theme Development Threads (how they were created)
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This thread is more than 180 days old.

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