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How to .iso black ops!

Discussion in 'Wii Game Mods' started by bta*juan*, May 29, 2011.

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  1. bta*juan*

    bta*juan* Junior Member Member

    okay I a going to show you how to .iso mod in this tut!

    You will only need 3 programs, black ops iso* you can find the black ops iso on your own sorry, and a 8 gb flash drive or bigger. I use an 8 gb.
    You will need wbfs manger, ff viewer, trucha signer, and a commen_level_temp.ff. Which you can get on your own.!

    Step 1) Download Call of Duty Black Ops.
    Step 2) Download the 3 programs (you can get wbfs manger at and ff viewer at
    Step 3) Get a modded common_level_temp.ff which you can find here on!
    Step 4)Open Up FFviewer.exe
    Step 5)Click, Open.FF and Select "common_level_temp_mp.ff"
    Step 6)Click, The "+" Next to Raw Files, Select "common_scripts/owner.gsc okay by owner i mean the maker.
    Step 7)Rename All of My Shit to What Ever You Want.
    Step 8)Save And Close FFviewer.
    Step 9)Now Open "wiikeyset.reg" and Add it to Your Registry.
    Step 10)Open Up Trucha Signer, Once its Open, Change the "Selecy KeySet" to "Custom KeySet 1"
    Step 11)Select Image and Open The Black Ops.ISO
    Step 12)Also Make a Back up/copy of The ISO, Just In Case Make a Few.
    Step 13)Click the "+" Next to "DISC (SC7E52), "+" Next to Partition (SC7E52), "+" Next to "ROOT"
    Step 14)After You Modded the .FF File, Look for "common_level_temp_mp.ff" and Replace it With The Modded One.
    Step 15)Scroll Up and Right Click "PARTITION (SC7E52) and Click "TRUCHA SIGN IT!"
    Step 16)Close the ISO and Open Up WBFS Manager 3.0
    Step 17) Format Your USB Drive, Load the ISO onto Your USB,
    Step 18)Load Black Ops With a USB Loader or whatever loader you use, Make Sure to Run it Through IOS249

    There it is you can play some sick ass games without getting board cuz i got board of BO already! If you have any problems pm meh! Enjoy this tut bye BTA*JUAN*
  2. Brandon

    Brandon Programmer Moderator

    Thanks JUAN really good tut repped +1
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This thread is more than 180 days old.

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