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How to install stuff on Linux

Discussion in 'Linux General' started by Nuke547, Jul 6, 2011.

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  1. Nuke547

    Nuke547 Junior Member Member

    This is a very simple process. Although its so easy, it took me forever to figure it out. But this is how.

    When you install linux, on the desktop, there is a program called "Install Manager".

    Its pretty self explanatory from there, but you just search what program your looking for, and then press the install button, and your done!
  2. dns

    dns Active Member Admin

    Sorry Nuke, but that doesn't apply to all distributions of Linux. Don't feel bad though and i'm glad you brought this up because it is a common misconception by many people new to Linux or who have little experience with it. Linux is not quite like Windows, where as all versions are similar and have the majority of the same features. But i'm glad you have at least some experience and knowledge of it. Maybe enough to be interested and even attempt to learn more?
  3. Coldfire202

    Coldfire202 Herro There! Super-Mod

    Yeah. Have mine set up as a dualboot thing so I can choose when I start my computer up. But I can't install anything to my Linux because it opens things like exe as a archive. Ugh. So no Internet on my Linux.
  4. dns

    dns Active Member Admin

    Well, you can run *.exe files through Wine in linux, depending on what they are. But Linux doesn't use executables itself. Anything you download or attempt to install for a Linux OS should be in the format expected for the Linux you are running.

    Some have package managers which can install things for you (depending on the file/script type), while some you have to download the scripts and compile the binaries yourself using the console.

    It all depends on what it is and where you get it from. If you need help with anything in particular, let me know and I can help you out.
  5. aazcod

    aazcod Dns is gey Member

    matt linux is like mac not truly but you can't just run your windows programs on it you need to get a OS specific (linux isn't rally like a mac but i meant you cant run all programs on each system)
Thread Status:
This thread is more than 180 days old.

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