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Hiz. Im Justin.

Discussion in 'Intro's & Absences' started by Justin Middleton, Sep 30, 2011.

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  1. Justin Middleton

    Justin Middleton New Member Member

    Ello im Justin. Im 18 shoulder length dark brown hair with a goatee. My nick names (and the names I go by) are Adair Ice, Dante Gabriel, Wolfie, Heartless, and Echo (not cause I mimic people or their personalitys)I use codes that the other badass modders and hackers use. I have not made a mod menu cause I dont own a computer, and I dont know how to make a code...Im an artist, writer, and a keyboardist, I cant read music so I do my own style, but I play like a pro.Im here to get codes and use them in privite matches and solo on zombz. The games I hack are Twilight Princess, Black Ops, and Smash Bros. (sometimes).Thats it, got any quesions ask away.
  2. Sh0tGuN2197

    Sh0tGuN2197 *Shotty* Super-Mod

    I'm sorry, but you don't use the codes I use [xat]smirk[/xat]
  3. Alan Yu

    Alan Yu New Member Member


    same with me but i can give you some black ops zombie codes if you want just saying all
  4. Sh0tGuN2197

    Sh0tGuN2197 *Shotty* Super-Mod

    Idk if it's the same with you. I have codes I have made, and codes that have never been released. :P But I guess this is irrelevant and off topic.
  5. Justin Middleton

    Justin Middleton New Member Member

    i forgot who made them, but for zombiez its unlim health or zombies command code bravo, inf ammo and points..
  6. dns

    dns Active Member Admin

    Welcome to our forum Justin. We are more less a community here, and pretty much all of the active members know each other or knew each other before we made this website. But we welcome new members here and in our community, so feel free to post or use whatever resources you like here. You could also visit us in the chat if you ever have time. Just beware of the people we have that 'troll' the new guys, lol. [xat]xd[/xat]
  7. Crazy52

    Crazy52 Gate Keeper Admin

    Shotgun stop bragging we all have codes we don't give out.

    And I don't own a computer also.... or a wii anymore

    And back on topic. welcome to the forum

    Sent from my ADR6300
  8. xTwiiSTeD_

    xTwiiSTeD_ Twisted MoFo Member

    Hi, I'm dumbass
  9. TinkerBuddha

    TinkerBuddha I Digress. Member

    ello, I am that I am...
    and who needs sheet music anyway, with shoulder-length brown hair AND a goatee?
    I LOLd @ "other badass modders and hackers"

    What part of texas is "tornado alley"?

    Don't mind me BTW. I'm just old, bitter, and crude.
  10. Cojoe

    Cojoe GM Member

    Watch Out For Me ::troll::
Thread Status:
This thread is more than 180 days old.

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