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Grettings everyone

Discussion in 'Intro's & Absences' started by MasterX, Jul 20, 2011.

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  1. MasterX

    MasterX New Member Member

    New here so stopped in to say hello
  2. Jok3r

    Jok3r MC-Admin/Summoner Member

    Welcome to NewHax, I hope you find something that interests you!
    take a look around and find some that you can maybe help with if you want he are always looking for contributers! ;)
    let a moderator of the section know if you can do anything and if a moderator cant help ask a owner or co-owner!
    Have fun!
  3. iamSmurfzZ

    iamSmurfzZ Junior Member Member

    Welcome :)
    Hope to see you arounnd ;)
  4. xTwiiSTeD_

    xTwiiSTeD_ Twisted MoFo Member

    Get off my lawn
  5. Brandon

    Brandon Programmer Moderator

    What lawn ? Lmao I thought you mowed them
  6. TinkerBuddha

    TinkerBuddha I Digress. Member

    xTwiiSTeD_s lawn[​IMG]
  7. dns

    dns Active Member Admin

Thread Status:
This thread is more than 180 days old.

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