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GeckoDOTnet 0.65

Discussion in 'Wii System Mods & Software' started by wick3d, Jul 4, 2011.

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  1. wick3d

    wick3d z0rz Admin

    Current version: 0.65

    Bugs Reports/Feature Requests go here --->Here

    Download Experimental ---> Here

    Download Latest Stable --->Here

    Browse the Source ---> Here

    Note! Source is outdated. I need to merge a few different sets of changes together and I want to make sure I don't mess anything up before I commit the changes.


    Release notes:

    Gecko.NET 0.65 dNet

    General changes since 0.64:

    - Automatically patch the code handler for Gecko OS and to increase stability and accuracy.
    - Major changes to USB Gecko interface; improved transfer speeds
    - General bug fixes

    - GCT Code Undo
    - Copy All Frames; will put the whole call stack, disassembly, and registers into the clipboard
    - Pointer Search tab using Dr. Pepper's Pointer Search app
    - Reload old search, even after closing and re-opening Gecko.NET
    - Breakpoint Condition: Value of Address
    - BP tab disassembler can scroll back a few instructions now
    - Shift click a Memory Viewer cell to add it to the MemView Hex Search (good when searching for F6 code "unique values")
    - Integrated ASMWiiRD and PyiiASMH support
    - Auto Capture screenshots
    - Single Frame preview
    - Faster watch list


    For additional info see;topic=4886.0
Thread Status:
This thread is more than 180 days old.

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