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Free Sig Pic For Anyone!

Discussion in 'Graphics' started by Jok3r, Jul 22, 2011.

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  1. Jok3r

    Jok3r MC-Admin/Summoner Member

    Newhax Wind effect sig pic free for anyone to use if you dont really mind the effect and are just looking for a sig pic to fill up ur slot and have something for someone to look at! ;)
    Newhax in the Wind:
  2. dns

    dns Active Member Admin

    Jok3r when are you going to start playing around with more transparency for backgrounds of images you create? People enjoy art that can be placed onto many different colors of pages or websites without it clashing or looking out of place. I think transparent backgrounds make artwork more versatile and desirable by more people depending on the use of the image. Just a thought to add to your list of things to think about when you're bored. :P
  3. Jok3r

    Jok3r MC-Admin/Summoner Member

    um... dns that would be called a render I believe...
    Ask Shinigami because I think that its called a render...
    But look at my bottom sig pic thats a transparent BG...
  4. wick3d

    wick3d z0rz Admin

    Cool effect, though i dont really get why its called wind effect, doesnt really make me think of wind. I think you mean cropped, not rendered btw.
  5. Jok3r

    Jok3r MC-Admin/Summoner Member

    Well a render is an image that has a a colored object or character and it has the BG removed!
    Correct me if Im wrong
  6. GodMike

    GodMike Junior Member Member

    Can you make one that says GodMike
  7. FluffyDragon655

    FluffyDragon655 New Member Member

    make me one with dragonite and it say FluffyDragon655
Thread Status:
This thread is more than 180 days old.

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