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DarkComet Remote Admin Tool

Discussion in 'PC General' started by Crazy52, Aug 10, 2011.

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  1. Crazy52

    Crazy52 Gate Keeper Admin

    Product Name : DarkComet Remote Admin Tool
    Project Director : DarkCoderSc.
    Project Coder : DarkCoderSc.
    Project Coded in : Delphi 2010 and Assembly.
    Made in : France.



    General :

    • Reverse Connectivity [Server(master) <-- Client(slave)]
    • Routers firewall bypass
    • UpNP (Universal Plug And Play) support
    • Windows XP,Vista,Seven [32 & 64 bit] full support
    • If correctly setup : UAC Bypass
    • Traffic encryption 256 bit RC4 [HEX]
    • Schedules tasks for arrival slaves
    • Multithread and multi slaves control support
    • Safe threaded using in both side pure Winsock2 API and W32 Thread API
    • No-IP auto updater support
    • Pushme notification (Iphone/Ipod) support
    • Flag geolocalisation support
    • Multi port (listen in many port at the same time)
    • Plugin support for control & builder
    • Ressource String and EOF (End of file) support for settings
    • ASM (Assembler - FASM) small downloader included (2KiB)
    • Binder/Joiner included (Drop & Exec or Run from res -> injected)
    • Broadcast functions support
    • Web server security tester (HTTP Flood,TCP & UDP Flood)
    • Persistant install/process

    Control functions :

    System info
    • System monitor : Charts and gauge about RAM/CPU uses
    • Computer info : Several information about the computer
    • Trace Map : Geolocalisation with google map API, also display several information about position
    Fun functions :
    • Fun Manager : Have fun with some functions of the computer
    • Piano : Play piano in the remote computer (Support octave down/up)
    • MessageBox : Send custom messagebox to remote computer (support injection)
    • Microsoft Reader : Send text to remote computer and make it read by a robot
    System Functions :
    • Process Manager : Get a full control of remote process and assigned modules
    • Remote Registry : A remote regedit like if you were in your own computer
    • Remote Shell : A remote MS-DOS shell by pipe redirection
    • Windows List : List remote visible and/or hidden windows (and play with them)
    • Uninstall Application : Grab the list of the remote installed application (Also remove/uninstall)
    • System Privilege : Get the assigned remote system privileges
    • Hosts File : Get/Edit the remote hosts file '%SYS32%/drivers/etc/hosts'

    Remote MSConfig :
    • Services Startup : Get/Edit/Add/Delete/Start/Stop any services startup
    • Registry Startup : Control the HKCU/HKLM Run keys (add , delete , clean...)
    Remote Scripting :
    • Html Scripting : Remote code and execute some HTML/CSS code
    • Batch Scripting : Remote code and execute some Batch code
    • VB Scripting : Remote code and execute some VBS code
    • Files Manager : Control the whole remote files drives(any kind of storage) with a hudge amount of features
    • Stored Passwords : Retrieve all the remote passwords (MSN,RAS,AIM,ICQ,FIREFOX,IE...)
    • µTorrent Downloads : Retrieve all µTorrent files used even deleted one from µTorrent client
    MSN Functions :
    • MSN Control : Control the status of the remote MSN session and get some informations about
    • MSN Contacts : Grab the remote MSN session contact list with their current status/name and play with them
    Spy Functions :
    • Webcam Capture : Watch the choosen webcam(driver) in real time (FAST and SMOOTH), support recording
    • Sound Capture : A very fast microphone recoarding in pure streaming (FAST and SMOOTH), support local talking too
    • Remote Desktop : A powerfull remote desktop capture with many possibility (Keyboard , Mouse , Move , Shortcuts etc...)
    • Keylogger : A very good keylogger using any hooks and recoarding even the special keys like symboles and key binding
    Network Functions :
    • Active Ports : Get the remote TCP/UDP active connections list and decide to kill or not the connection or process
    • Network Shares : Get the shared folders/files with some nice informations such as the display name , path , description even password
    • LAN Computers : Scan for vulnerable computers , it will get their LAN IP and NAME (Computer Name)
    • Net Gateway : Get the remote gateway list
    • IP Scanner : A simple multithread port scanner
    • Url Download : A remote multithread file downloader/Execute with status
    • Browse Page : Open a remote webpage in default browser
    • Redirect Ip/Port : Share temporary your actual slave connection to another computer
    Misc Functions
    • Print Manager : Print text in the remote default printer
    • Clipboard : Control the remote clipboard content (Files/Text, Send/Get)
    • Control the computer power
    • Control the Client/Server socket
    • Update via URL or File the slave
    • Take notes

    DarkComet-RAT (Remote Administration Tool) is the most complete and one of the most stable RAT in the scene.
    this software is design for people that have a very good knowledge in computer security, it can be userfull in many case.

    Remote control your network computers (LAN / WAN)
    Remote assist your clients if you manage a company
    Find your lost passwords in your computers
    Spy your home networks (For your childs,Wife,Husband...)
    Test the security of your computers or your company
    To develop your knowledge in RAT softwares

    DarkComet-RAT is a software totally asynchronimous , that mean you can do many functions at same time in one or many servers at the same time without any freeze / memory leak.
    All transfers / Flux functions are Encrypted with a very strong encryption level (RC4 256bit) using a dynamic key + if you choose a password the encryption level will be impossible to found.

    ~ source:
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  2. Cojoe

    Cojoe GM Member

    Great Tool If You Know Hot To Use It Thanks Andrew
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