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[Tutorial] Cool 3d Objects In Photoshop

Discussion in 'Requests & Tutorials' started by 3nvisi0n, Jul 12, 2011.

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  1. 3nvisi0n

    3nvisi0n The R3v0lu710n Super-Mod

    Hello once again everybody,

    This effect is not necessarily my own, it is fairly basic so others have figured it out to. Anyway this is my take on

    creating cool 3d objects like the following:

    First I'll start with an 800x600 image in Photoshop.(choose your own size I just find that to be a nice one for text to

    work with)

    Next I choose a font, for this effect you want a fairly smooth edged font so something like Defused doesn't work unless you

    modify it first. I made this awhile back using Defused font:
    The modifications were just editing all the random grunge spots around the text but leaving the actual text in place.

    Whatever font you use you want it to be of decent thickness; atlest to look good you do, I'm going to use 'AR DESTINE' and

    choose your font size, I am using 150pt but be sure to leave atleast 15% of the left and right sides empty for the glow.

    Also make sure you have enough room between characters for an outline(1px outline = 3px space) If you don't you can

    increase the tracking(space between characters) in the Character window(Window->Character)

    Now we set the layer styles, first the Stroke. A lot of this is just what you think looks best I'll be using
    Stroke: 2px, and #A9A9A9
    ANd the inner design(what appears on the top) is agian what you think looks best I'll be using a red to black gradient.
    Color Overlay: Blending Mode:Overlay; Color:#FF0000
    Gradient Overlay: (This is so the red fades nicely, thus I used an overlay) I set scale to 150% and rest default, just play

    around a figure what you like. I ended with this:

    Make sure this is what you like because we won't be able to change it easily later, we are now going to apply the layer

    effects and make them permanent This is done by making a new layer(Shift+Ctrl+N) then Select both layers in the layer

    panel. (You can hold shift and click to select a second layer) and hit Ctrl+E to merge the two layers.

    Now making this 3D while so flat isn't cool so we are going to perform a Transformation on it, so select the text layer hit

    Ctrl+T, then right click in the little box that it makes and click Perspective. Grab the top left corner and move it right

    a little, and then the bottom left corner and move it left. Just find what you think looks good and save it, you don't need


    Now with that done we are going to add a small drop shadow to this layer so the edges look 'natural' I generally keep the

    defaults and set the distance to 1px.

    Now the 'secret' to the 3D effect is to Select the text layer and while holding Ctrl+Alt hit the Up Arrow key about 10-15

    times.(I'll use 10 for this demonstration)

    This leaves you with some 3D text, now to touch it up a bit, first thing I normally do is merge all the layers into one but

    that isn't necessary. You can create some interesting effect my hiding some of the middle layers and stuff(just play

    around) Once you've merged the layers(hiding any if necessary for your desired effect) duplicate it. (Right Click-

    >Duplicate Layer) and select the bottom one and apply a Filter->Blur->Gaussian Blur to it. Figure out what looks best for

    your text, I am using 15.0 Radius.

    Now I'll normally add a small drop shadow to the main layey and call it done. Of course you can add more touchups and

    stuff but this is the basic idea, makes many different effects. You can use this on Icons and buttons also it isn't just

    for text.



    On Black:
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  2. dns

    dns Active Member Admin

    Cool tut. I'm sure alot of people don't know that you can create 3d-text in photoshop. Most people think you need Illustrator or C4D to do things like this. +1 bro
  3. That One Guy

    That One Guy Junior Member Member

    Sweet. Although, I don't use photoshop, I'm sure I can find something exactly like this in GIMP. +1 envy, great tutorials.
  4. Shinigami

    Shinigami Active Member Member

    I usually use Cinema 4D for my 3D text but I'll give this a shot
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This thread is more than 180 days old.

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