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Best salvia trip

Discussion in 'Forum Chatter' started by SKA!!, May 15, 2011.

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  1. SKA!!

    SKA!! Reality Hacker Member

    My friends and I, there were 3 of us had some 20x salvia so we decided to go to this drainage tunnel near where I live to smoke it out of my bong. our parents were home and we had to get rid of it somehow. we sat down in the tunnel in front of some purple graffiti and put water in the bong and packed a little weed followed by what we had left of the salvia. One of my friends had recently had a bad trip on it and didn't want to smoke any and my other friend had never done it before so he let me have greens. I ripped it and held it for about 10 seconds and then hit it again and held this one in as long as i could. I don't remember how long i was holding it in exactly.

    I'm not exactly sure what happened next but I looked around and it looked like i was in a huge purple city only i was a giant and a little taller than all the buildings. It was also raining if I remember correctly. I remember walking around the city and finding a giant cone pyramid. the tip of the pyramid had some trees on top and the tip of it was swaying back and forth ever so slightly. It gradually began to swing more and more as the tip of the pyramid got closer and closer. It felt as though I was on a swing. After a while I realized the pyramid was an optical illusion of the end of the tunnel. sort of like this:

    I slowly started getting a grip on reality. I knew I was back in the real world. I looked around and saw my other friend, josh, who had apparently finished the bowl, was still tripping pretty hard. Apparently he hit the bong about 5 minutes after I had. I talked to my other friend, michael, about how amazing my trip was and wouldn't stop talking about it. My perception of everything was still really weird and I could tell I wasn't quite sober. Just then, at the other end of the tunnel we saw some people coming. The tunnel we were at is a huge stoner spot so I assume the people were just other kids trying to get high. I thought it was the cops so I started running out of the tunnel. My sober friend took my word for it and helped my other friend who was laughing hysterically walk out of the tunnel. He was slowly coming out of it and was keeping up with us as we got into my friend's car.

    My sober friend started driving and I remember looking out the window and seeing trees that looked like they were cartoons. We got to a random park where we decided to just chill for a while and let my friend sober up. Apparently my yelling because I thought i saw a cop made my friend get a bad trip so he never smoked salvia again. Sorry Josh. But my trip was by far the most impressive and amazing one I have ever had. Everything about it was amazing. Even as we ran away from the "cop" I wasn't scared.

    Best experience ever. That trip is the reason why I love salvia.
Thread Status:
This thread is more than 180 days old.

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