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Art Show -.-

Discussion in 'Graphics' started by Jok3r, Jul 11, 2011.

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  1. Jok3r

    Jok3r MC-Admin/Summoner Member

    I put a whole bunch of desktop pics with a few iPod backgrounds together for you guys!!

    Crime Scene:

    The Painter:

    Silver Lining:

    Don't Mess With the Dragon:

    LiL' Bit Anime:



    dns(For dns if he gets another iPhone):


    Chetnik(Chetnik's sig pic):

    Lemme know what you think... :(


    DILLIGAF Co-Webmaster Admin

    nice work joker keep it up buddy
  3. dns

    dns Active Member Admin

    I like all of these Jok3r.. My fav of them is the dragon.
  4. Shinigami

    Shinigami Active Member Member

    My favorite one is the Lil Bit Anime but the fontt looks like it doesnt belong there
  5. Jok3r

    Jok3r MC-Admin/Summoner Member

    Shinigami send me a font to try i think i have the psd for this still…
  6. Shinigami

    Shinigami Active Member Member

    I would try Karate

    If you dont like it then you should goto

    They have a ton of nice fonts there
  7. Jok3r

    Jok3r MC-Admin/Summoner Member

    LoL thats where I do go for most of my fonts!!
    Great minds think alike!
  8. easyiscool

    easyiscool New Member Member

  9. That One Guy

    That One Guy Junior Member Member

    I really like the dragon desktop one the most. I most likely will use it myself. +1 rep for your artwork. I admit, you're better then me! Then again, I only got GIMP, so... you know. xD
  10. Jok3r

    Jok3r MC-Admin/Summoner Member

    Thats what Im saying man!
    You gotta get PhotoShop its Amazing fin to use!
    My next program is Illustrator!
    Adobe HERE I COME!!!
  11. Jok3r

    Jok3r MC-Admin/Summoner Member

    Thanks Kyle and remember if we never met this never would have happened!
    Id be a depressed little guy wondering what was missing in my life! Thanks Bro [xat]smile#cry2[/xat]
  12. harp_master

    harp_master Junior Member Member

    The dragon picture looks great, love the texture on it. Good work.
  13. Jok3r

    Jok3r MC-Admin/Summoner Member

    Thanks there brushes I got them for no reason and then started using them alot! :D let me know if you want them! :D
    Oh btw you should come by the chat sometime! Click me to look at chat!
Thread Status:
This thread is more than 180 days old.

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