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About Forum Upgrades / Maintenance

Discussion in 'News & Updates' started by dns, Jun 14, 2011.

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  1. dns

    dns Active Member Admin

    Just letting everyone know that almost as soon as upgrades are released for our forums, they are installed. This is to ensure that we do our best to maintain our site security and bring you the latest features and enhancements available at all times.

    If you happen to visit while the site is under maintenance, this is most likely the reason behind it. Upgrades usually take between an hour to an hour and a half, so the site is usually not down for long.

    Thank you for your understanding and patience when this occurs.
  2. Nuke547

    Nuke547 Junior Member Member

    nice, its better then the xat box. it'll be easier to communicate with eachother now
  3. dns

    dns Active Member Admin

    The forum version has been upgraded again. Please report back any issues you find with the new template updates. I am aware of the posting editor stuff but let me know of anything else you find wrong. Thx.
  4. Brandon

    Brandon Programmer Moderator

    -.- damm shoutbox wont let me post a message without including 2 pictures or 2 vids -.- most likey crazy trying to get back at me (D)

    nvm now it lets me post what kind of error is that -.-
  5. Crazy52

    Crazy52 Gate Keeper Admin

    idk what id need to get back at you for... but anyway dont double post
  6. Brandon

    Brandon Programmer Moderator

    Yes sir sorry sir :( i dislike that 20 letter thing anyways sorry for the post
  7. Cojoe

    Cojoe GM Member

  8. wick3d

    wick3d z0rz Admin

    Same here, and yeah i was wondering what the random down times were about.
  9. Cojoe

    Cojoe GM Member

    so dns if u get around to it.. see if you cant fix wicked and mine issue.
  10. Sh0tGuN2197

    Sh0tGuN2197 *Shotty* Super-Mod

    I just noticed that I also get that same error so... It might be an error everyone has?
  11. dns

    dns Active Member Admin

    Ok removed the outdated style templates and added a new one. Once I have dependable internet back on Monday i'll add a couple more and tweak them all a little nicer as usual. If anyone is still having any errors or sees anything not looking/functioning correctly please let me know so I can fix. Thx for the help/feedback guys.
  12. Cojoe

    Cojoe GM Member

    Thanks, Everything Is Working Fine For Me, Thanks For Your Hard Work. [xat]Y[/xat]
  13. Coldfire202

    Coldfire202 Herro There! Super-Mod

    It's very nice dns, you're doing an AWESOME job
Thread Status:
This thread is more than 180 days old.

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