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[1.7.3] UraniumMod 1.6

Discussion in 'Hacks & Mods' started by Sh0tGuN2197, Aug 31, 2011.

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  1. Sh0tGuN2197

    Sh0tGuN2197 *Shotty* Super-Mod


    UraniumMod by book

    For update news, information, and communication, follow me on Twitter!




    I am doing this as a free project for the Minecraft community! I try and create a healthy mix of what everyone wants, while retaining the original game! If you appreciate what I'm doing or want to support UraniumMod by keeping me motivated, please donate! If I get enough donations, I may get a 24/7 UraniumMod VPS Dedicated Server! But only if I get enough donations! If you'd like to see that, donate!​

    Announcement: Resuke (pixel artist, "Farmcraft" by DrZhark) has offered his fantastic talents to UraniumMod, so textures may start to improve! He's already made a skull helmet for the next version, and it looks fantastic! He may begin to work with me in later mods, such as VoodooMod, but that's up to him!

    Announcement: I have now taken back the production of UraniumMod, and am trying to keep this mod not so scattered. Please download from here again from now on.

    Latest release: UraniumMod Alpha 1.6
    Compatible with: Minecraft Beta 1.7.3
    Requires: ModLoader Beta 1.7.3
    Download Link:

    Alpha 1.6 for Beta 1.7.3 [Download] [Source]
    - Added Support for Minecraft Beta 1.7.3
    - Increased fuse time of Nuclear Bombs
    Alpha 1.5 for Beta 1.6.6 [Download][Source]
    - You can place Nuclear Waste with Uranium Dust
    - Nuclear Bombs give you hardly any of the blocks of the things they explode
    - Uranium Armor (will not protect you from Uranium Damage!)
    - Uranium Ingots require reacting Gold Ingots instead of Iron
    - New Tool! Uranium Hoe!
    - More compatible with other mods (doesn't use the Tool class files)
    - Radioactive Skeletons drop Uranium Skulls, which can be used as a fuel for the reactor (8 reactions)
    - Reactors explode slightly less often
    - Paxels, Axes, and Shovels can be repaired in a Reactor
    - Uranium Armor can be repaired in a Reactor
    - Uranium Hoe can be repaired in a Reactor
    - When a Nuclear Bomb becomes primed, it will not be removed by leaving the game
    - Added a readme.txt
    - Changeable block ids through a .properties file
    - You can turn off Radioactive Skeletons in the .properties file
    - Reactor Explosions don't destroy the reactors or the blocks around them, just deal damage to players and entities
    Alpha 1.4, Patch 1 for Beta 1.6.6 [Download]
    - New Mob! Radioactive Skeletons that shoot Uranium Arrows!
    - A UraniumMod menu! Easy way to check for updates or get information on your version!
    - Uranium Tools last longer and work more properly
    Alpha 1.4 for Beta 1.6.6 [Download]
    - Added Uranium Arrows which explode upon impact
    - Added Uranium Paxel (combined Pickaxe, Shovel, and Axe)
    - Nuclear Bombs use Obsidian instead of Stone and have a different texture
    - Reactors have a chance of randomly exploding
    - Uranium requires Iron Pickaxe or higher to mine
    Alpha 1.3 for Beta 1.6.6 [Download]
    - New tools! Uranium Shovel and Uranium Axe!
    - Nuclear Bombs
    - Nuclear Waste that leaks from the Reactors
    Alpha 1.2, Patch 2 for Beta 1.6.6 [Download]
    - Fixed the Reactor GUI screen! (sorry for those of you affected by this!)
    Alpha 1.2, Patch 1 for Beta 1.6.6 [Download]
    - Nuclear Reactor now has support for Texture Packs (texture is independent from /terrain.png)
    - Reactor can repair Uranium Tools
    - Nuclear Bomb is now an item, but is unobtainable, incomplete, and buggy
    Alpha 1.2 for Beta 1.6.6 [Download]
    - Reactor can react Iron Ingots to make Uranium Ingots
    - Reactor can react Coal to make Radioactive Coal
    - Radioactive Coal can power four reactions
    - Uranium Ingots can be used to make a Uranium Pickaxe or a Uranium Sword

    Greetings, miners!
    UraniumMod adds a new ore to freshly generated chunks, Uranium Ore! Uranium Ore is a low-level radioactive ore that will damage you upon contanct, taking two hearts! When mined, Uranium Ore drops two to three Uranium Dust, which is a very valuable and useful item. You can craft a highly radioactive block, a Uranium Block, by crafting nine Uranium Dust! Uranium Blocks are highly dangerous, and glow very brightly. Upon contact, they take five hearts! It's a very useful tool for protecting your haven from mobs!

    A Nuclear Reactor can be crafted by putting cobblestone in the formation of a regular furnace, and adding a Uranium Dust in the middle. It is powered by either Uranium Dust (one reaction) or Radioactive Coal (four reactions). A Nuclear Reactor can repair tools and armor, turn Gold Ingots into Uranium Ingots, Coal into Radioactive Coal, and can also turn Cobblestone into Obsidian! Be careful though! Reactors sometimes give of Nuclear Waste, a toxic waste that can spread very quickly, and deal damage to you or other mobs who contact it! Also, your reactor has a small change of randomly exploding, so keep it away from your important buildings! Always monitor your Reactors, or let the stuff grow for fun!

    Uranium Ingots can be used to craft a Uranium Pickaxe, Uranium Shovel, or Uranium Axe, the best tools in the game! Alternatively or additionally, they can be used to craft a Uranium Sword, which is also the best of its kind! If you combine the Pickaxe, Shovel and Axe, you can make a Paxel, a tool that does the job of all three! If you want a really long lasting hoe, make a Uranium Hoe! They can also be used to craft Nuclear Bombs, which are more powerful than TNT, or Uranium Arrows, which cause explosions upon impact, or even Uranium Armor, the best armor!

    At night things get really spooky! Avoid Radioactive Skeletons, nasty monsters that will launch exploding Uranium Arrows at you and your base! They will drop Uranium Arrows and Uranium Skulls, which are very powerful and efficient for Nuclear Reactions!

    So far, this is what constitutes UraniumMod, but I really, honestly, want your input on how I can improve this mod or add other uses for Uranium! I really do want your input!

    Here is a video from Yogscast (BlueXephos) explaining the mod (for version Alpha 1.6).

    En français (outdated)

    W języku polskim (outdated)

    How to Install or Update UraniumMod
    If you like the features of the latest UraniumMod, or would like to install it for the first time, you need to extract the .class and .png files from Then you need to use an archiver (WinRAR, 7zip, etc.) to open minecraft.jar (located in %AppData% for Windows, Library for Mac, or your home folder for Linux. Drag the .class files and uraniumTextures folder into the .jar. The .class files should be in directly, and the textures should stay in the folder in the .jar. You will also need to have ModLoader (by Risugami) installed through this method for the mod to work. For updating, the new .class and .png files will overwrite the old ones, so the update process is that simple! For more information on this, check the readme.txt!

    Information on each Block and Item:
    [​IMG] Uranium Ore: An ore found deep underground (below Y-Value of 32) that glows subtly. Upon contact, it deals 2 hearts damage. Can destroy floating blocks and items around it, so mine and use carefully! Drops 2-3 Uranium Dust.
    [​IMG] Uranium Dust: The dust that comes from Uranium Ore. Can be used to craft Reactors for 1 reaction, power Reactors, place Nuclear Waste, craft Uranium Arrows, and craft Uranium Blocks.
    [​IMG] Uranium Block: Very radioactive block! Glows vibrantly and deals 5 hearts damage upon contact! Great for mob traps, but it also destroys floating blocks and items, so use carefully! Can be crafted back into 9 Uranium Dust.
    [​IMG] Reactor: Where stuff gets done! Acts sort of like a furnace, being powered by Uranium Dust, Radioactive Coal, or Uranium Skulls. Also be careful with this! Might randomly explode, dealing damage but not breaking blocks! Nuclear Waste "grows" around it and will spread! It is recommended to keep these in a vault underground surrounded by Obsidian. Reacts Coal to Radioactive Coal, Gold Ingots to Uranium Ingots, Cobblestone to Obsidian, and repairs tools and armor.
    [​IMG] Nuclear Bomb: Very powerful bomb! Be careful when dealing with it! Does not give you blocks from things it destroys.
    [​IMG] Nuclear Waste: Flat block that spreads very quickly, make sure you keep it controlled. Will deal 1 heart damage upon contact. Good for mob traps!
    [​IMG] Radioactive Coal: Used to power reactors for 4 reactions! Much more efficient than Uranium Dust.
    [​IMG] Uranium Skull: Dropped from Radioactive Skeletons. Powers 8 reactions!
    [​IMG] Uranium Ingot: Used as the basic item for Uranium crafting recipes. Can make tools, armor, bombs, and more!
    [​IMG] Uranium Tools: Lasts longer and is much more efficient than Diamond! Crafted normally, just with Uranium Ingots!
    [​IMG] Uranium Armor: Lasts longer and is stronger than Diamond! Crafted normally, just with Uranium Ingots!
    [​IMG] Uranium Arrows: Like normal arrows, but they cause an explosion upon impact!
    [​IMG] Uranium Paxel: Combined Uranium Axe, Pickaxe, and Shovel. Can do all three jobs efficiently, and is packed into one tool!

    May I present to you, the gallery:




    Enjoy the mod! Please, if you have feedback or need help, sound off below! If you like or want to support UraniumMod, please paste one of these banners in your signature:


    The Paxel is the best part of this mod in my opinion ;) enjoy
  2. jordan

    jordan New Member Member

    Paxel is very cool.

    Have you seen the PokeMobs mod? Now thats is frekin cool :D
  3. Crazy52

    Crazy52 Gate Keeper Admin

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